At International Moving Services Ltd we are grateful for the trust that our clients place in us and our ability to complete their relocation to an exceptional standard.

To be trusted with someone’s worldly possessions is an honour we do not take lightly and each one of our employees are trained and constantly assessed to ensure that the packing and handling of your effects is completed to the highest possible standards.

Within the process of moving and shipping though there are certain risks that no moving company, regardless of size or stature, can control. Such as the loading and unloading of containers onto shipping vessels and the actual physical journey to the destination port. International Moving Services Ltd have taken the necessary steps to ensure that we can offer each of our clients a comprehensive policy to protect their possessions from the packing of the first carton through to the unpacking of the last item upon arrival.
Unlike some companies who will arrange a generic policy for their clients directly with an Insurance Broker, and allow that broker to hold the contract for insurance and determine the outcome, we decided to take direct responsibility for our clients and their possessions. Together with Basil Fry & Company, who are the only specialist broker in the United Kingdom dedicated to the provision of insurance for International Moving Companies such as ours, we can personally accept liability for the total value of your possessions under our own policy which is underwritten by Lonham marine and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

By covering your effects in this way you receive the same comprehensive cover that you would with any policy but also have the peace of mind knowing that International Moving Services Ltd has a responsibility to manage the movement of your effects competently and that all risks that can be directly controlled will be managed professionally to protect both ours and our clients’ interests.

At International Moving Services Ltd we understand that if trust is placed in our company to complete the relocation of irreplaceable possessions that we should honour that and allow each and every one of our clients to cover their effects through our policy making us 100% responsible for every aspect of the move.