It’s becoming more common for UK residents to move and relocate overseas, some residents move abroad for work purposes and move back and forth for the duration of their employment, some UK residents move abroad for a short period of time for change, this gives you the time to investigate how life would begin for you abroad and also gives you a more in-depth knowledge of your surroundings and allows you to get to know the local people. Other UK residence move abroad permanently for work related issues or to be with family members. International Moving Services strive to be the best in International and European moving. We are a family run business meaning we able to deliver to the highest standards possible and achieve competitive rates to pass on to you as our customers.

Our dedicated moving team will assist you with your relocation every step of the way!

The quality of service is imperative to get right, International Moving Services Ltd are a dedicated moving company that base ourselves on quality. Moving abroad will give you excitement and also anticipation, sometimes it is good to slow down your thoughts and not to make any hasty decisions. Phone around and find the right moving company for you, you are looking for a company that is helpful and who will explain everything in detail assisting you in planning your move abroad.

If you are not sure on something or the advice you have been given doesn’t sound right phone International Moving Services and let us give you peace mind from the outset, our team of specialists will guide you in making an informed and correct choice.

Something to consider and help with your decisions when moving overseas:

Do they speak English in your country of destination? if not, are your language skills good enough to understand?

What is the educational system like and where will your kids go to school?

What’s the local food like and do you and your family like the food?