Countdown to moving day can be a stressful time. Here at INTL Moving we have prepared a helpful checklist which we hope will remind you of the most important things to attend to during this time.


Walk through your property and identify which items you would like to relocate to your chosen destination. Identify also those which you will dispose of, sell or donate to charity.
Check to make sure all passports and official documents are valid. If you plan to ship your car, you may require a vehicle import license.
Create a moving file to retain all important documentation. Within this place valuables together such as passports, birth certificates, legal documents to ensure that they are not packed in error.
If you have children, make sure you secure their school selection.
If you have pets, you will need to arrange either finding them a new home or if you intend to take them with, this is definitely the time to check out any quarantine issues and look at the relevant freight costs.
Look into housing at destination. If you are buying or building a property, make sure you have suitable accommodation for the interim period.
If you are looking to purchase anything for your move, keep receipts as you may be able to reclaim the VAT.


Contact INTL Moving to discuss your moving plans in more depth and obtain a quotation for the move. Should a premove survey be required it is important to arrange this now so that you have plenty of time to make an informed decision.
Depending on your destination it may be necessary to apply for an International Driver's License.This can be obtained from a Main Post Office.
Arrange overseas banking and fund transfers.
Inform friends and family of your proposed moving date and pass on any forwarding addresses and contact details.
Make arrangements for all inoculations and medicals that may be necessary.
Inform all household suppliers of your intended leaving date and make the necessary final payments. Remember many providers will require a 30 day notice period in writing. Providers include:

Gas, electricity and water
Telephone and mobile
Mail – for a nominal fee the Post Office will re-direct
Internet service
Landlord or managing estate agent
Gym membership
Inland Revenue
Local council


If you have not already done so inform INTL Moving of your proposed moving date so that the necessary resources can be booked. If the date cannot be confirmed at this stage a provisional booking can be made giving you priority over other bookings for the same day.
Complete the customs and insurance paperwork for your move. The insurance form may take some time as you will need to list and value all items you want to insure.
Open a web-based email account if you do not already have one (yahoo, hotmail, gmail). Once at your destination it is important to remain in contact even if you do not have a contact telephone number.
Arrange parking permits through your local council for our vehicle to park if this is required outside your residence, unless we have agreed to do that for you.
Start running down products in your freezer and cupboards working towards defrosting the freezer at least a week prior to our arrival.
Arrange the disposal of any items from your residence that you do not wish to move.


Ask for final accounts with water, gas and electricity providers and take meter readings.
Cancel any final subscriptions such as magazines, clubs and DVDs.


Dismantle any items of furniture and remove fitments from walls (i.e flat screen televisions) if not previously arranged with us.
Obtain any necessary medical certificates.
Claim back any refund you are entitled to on your car tax - every penny counts!
Ensure that all items that have been in contact with dirt or soil are thoroughly cleaned and placed in an area where they can dry. Most countries are very strict on the transfer of dirt and soil in shipments and it is always best to make sure that everything to be shipped is spotlessly clean.
Allocate an area/room/cupboard within your property to be a "safe area" where you can place all items you personally intend to take with you on your journey. This should include relevant and sufficient clothing, valuables (passports, jewellery, legal documents, birth and marriage certificates etc) and some familiar toys for any children.


Confirm banking facilities at the country of your destination.
Purchase enough local currency to see you through at least the first few days.
Confirm your own travel arrangements.
Ensure all fridges and freezers are empty, defrosted and dry.
Take down any curtains, disassemble bookcases and other furniture pieces that are too big to transport as one piece.
If you are packing some of your own boxes, ensure that they are clearly marked (name, destination, reference number and descriptive list of contents). Ensure that you have a good night's rest!


Ensure that any required reserved parking place is available.
Greet the removals team and accompany the foreman room by room to confirm the items to be packed. This will allow them to identify the order in which to pack and load your effects.
Before the crew depart, walk around your property and make sure everything has been packed.
Sign and obtain a copy of the packing inventory from the crew


Make contact with our agent about a week prior to the ETA of the vessel to ensure they have all relevant paperwork.
Please ensure you are there to receive your shipment.
Try to plan and identify in advance where in your new property you would like the larger items of furniture placed.
Check all pieces and their labels as they enter your property – you will have a copy of the packing inventory from the crew who packed at your UK residence.